Mae (Honolulu)

I went to Prime PT due to joint pains in my neck, shoulders, wrists, hands, fingers; feet, stiff hips and back. I had been living with all these aches and pains for years, but it was getting worse as the years went by.  I didn’t know I could do anything to improve my condition.  I thought it was old age and I just accepted it.

            Kai and I go to the same Dojo.  In one of his talks he spoke about how he wants to help the elderly people at our Dojo with his occupation.  I really didn’t know if anything could help my aches and pains but when I described my condition, Kai said he can help me.

            When I first started physical therapy with Kai, I really didn’t have any high expectations. But with each treatment, I learned so much about the proper methods of using my arms, hands, and body for general and specific tasks so that I wouldn’t cause more injury to myself.   I was having problems with everyday tasks like cooking, gardening, and just plain moving around.

            I was impressed with Kai’s knowledge of the human body and how each part functions and how the exercises showed the proper movements that would put the joints into the proper position. I was surprised that the exercises he taught and prescribed actually addressed the pain in different parts of my body and by doing them, I have less pain in my hands, wrists, arms, neck, back, feet, etc. For instance, I had such a problem with my thumbs, wrists and fingers.  It was painful when I used my hands.  By doing a simple exercise only once with 3-5 repetitions, that Kai taught me, the pain disappears.  All of the exercises that Kai teaches work amazingly well.

            I definitely recommend Kai to anyone who has joint problems.  He is able to start with the basics and address a person’s problem to correct it.  I know many persons who went to Kai and got much relief and improvement, including friends and relatives, young and old.

            I thank Kai for making me aware that no matter how old we get, we can overcome our aches and pains and limitations with application of proper exercise and use of our bodies.


Jean (81 years old)

           I had problems with both of my knees and had to live with so much pain. I read an article Dr. Kai wrote and thought it was so interesting that physical therapy can fix problems.

           Dr. Kai showed me not only how to alleviate my pain, but also showed me various exercises to improve my knees. After seven sessions with Dr. Kai’s help, it really helped me to be better than before. I had so much pain trying to get up from the floor or sitting after 1-1½ hours before PT, and I had to give up a lot of gardening. Now, I can get up from the floor and can garden again. I love taking care of my orchids, so now I don’t have to stand up like an old fut thanks to Dr. Kai.

           I always needed help getting up off the table after Jorei treatments, but after completing PT with Dr. Kai, I was able to get up on my own without even thinking. I was even told: “even though you’re getting older, you’re getting stronger!” Similarly, Dr. Kai helped me with my balance. Even if it is rainy, I can go out all day and feel confident on my feet.

           Dr. Kai is a very caring and compassionate therapist. Thank you, Doctor, for making me feel whole again. You are truly appreciated!!


Masaaki (84 years old)

            For many years, I suffered with lower back pains. Pain medications and other treatments did not give me relief from the severe pains. Through Dr. Morigawra’s treatments and correct exercises, the severe pains ceased completely. I am also able to walk without falling.


Florence (92 years old)

            I  was wheelchair bound and had lost hope of ever walking again. With patience and dedication Kai came to see me twice a week for 3 months until I regained the strength and stamina to walk. His magical hands and encouragement gave me the confidence to become mobile again.


Khristine (Aiea)

            After working with Dr. Morigawara, I have nothing but positive things to say about him. He is very professional and thorough when it comes to therapy. I went to see him because I injured my back and right shoulder at work. I have been doing my therapy "homework" consistently and my shoulder injury has already significantly improved. I am so impressed by his professionalism and work that I would go to him again for therapy. I highly recommend him to anyone.

Dr. Morigawara is extremely knowledgeable and knows what he is doing 100% of the time. Again, I highly recommend anyone to go see him, both young and old!


Allyson (Waialua)

            Kai's mastery of his craft with his keen intuition - combined, makes him an exceptional Doctor of Physical Therapy. I highly recommend him!


Allyson (Kapolei)

            I was treated by Kai on two different occasions.  The first time I saw him I was having extreme knee pain after completing the Honolulu Marathon.  I was referred to Kai by my primary care physician to begin physical therapy treatment on my knee.  I also had an MRI done on my knee which showed that I had no tear in my meniscus; however, Kai had a feeling that there was a tear based on the pain I was still feeling in the knee.  He convinced my doctor to get a second opinion and sure enough, it revealed that I had a small tear in my meniscus!  Fortunately I did not need surgery.   With Kai’s expertise I am fully recovered and even completed a half marathon after that!

The second time I received treatment from Kai was for pain in my deltoid.  I could barely raise my arm without pain.  After a few sessions with Kai I learned that it wasn’t actually my deltoid that was the issue it actually was my bicep that was strained.    With Kai’s treatment I am now pain free once again and able to resume my normal activities and even to the point of working out at my local gym without any problems.

I am so grateful to Kai for what he has done for me.  He has knowledge beyond his years.  He spent the time and taught me how the muscles work so I had a better understanding of my injuries.  He also taught me exercises that I could do at home to help in my injury recovery process.